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As a U.S. Representative, attorney, and former State Senate President, Colleen Hanabusa has a proven record of creating jobs, preserving the environment, and standing up for Hawaii. Growing up in Waianae, Colleen learned how to serve our unique communities with care and respect. With your help, she will continue her service to Hawaii in the U.S. Senate. Learn more.


Fighting for our Kupuna – Protecting Social Security and Medicare

It is critical that we remember that although it is a large program benefitting millions in our community, Social Security does not contribute to the deficit; it has been paid for directly by hardworking Americans who have contributed to the fund with every paycheck. Our seniors paid into these accounts throughout their working lives. They earned these benefits. I strongly support these vital safety net programs and will continue my work to protect the benefits they provide our kupuna.



I am committed to helping provide veterans with the quality care they require after battle, and any services they may need in order to transition back to civilian life. The GI Bill provides every returning service member with a chance to obtain a college education. I support legislation that strives to make our veterans career-ready—by providing businesses with tax credits for hiring unemployed or injured veterans and encouraging employers to provide free on-the-job training to veterans. We must do all we can to honor their service and commitment to our country.


Affordable Healthcare

Hawaii is justifiably proud to have one of the highest rates of healthcare coverage in the nation. This is the product of our state’s commitment to ensuring that coverage remains strong for those who have it, and providing more to those who need it. Since being elected to the Congress, I have helped bring more than $196 million home to Hawaii in Health and Human Services grants, including funding for health centers, Native Hawaiian health care programs, and public health emergency preparedness.


National Security

My top priority as a member of the House Armed Services Committee is the safety and security of our nation. Since 9/11, America has taken significant steps to strengthen our national security and protect our citizens from future attacks. As we reevaluate our new military strategy following the death of Osama bin Laden, it is critical that we bring home our men and women in uniform safely as we withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq. We must preserve a ready and vigilant force at home and abroad, but we cannot continue to risk American lives.



I believe in women’s right to choose and I am a staunch supporter of equal pay for equal work. I support gay marriage because I believe that everyone should have the right to marry whomever they wish. Love is love. And I will continue to fight for federal recognition for Native Hawaiians. They deserve the same rights and privileges already enjoyed by hundreds of indigenous groups in America. I will continue to push for that recognition because it is long overdue. No one should be discriminated against because of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. One of the truths that make our country great is that you are free to be exactly who you are and I am committed to fighting for equality for all our people.

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