GOP Repeals FCC Rule and Sells Americans' Internet Privacy

GOP Repeals FCC Rule and Sells Americans’ Internet Privacy

I voted "NO" on S.J.Res. 34, Disapproving the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC's) Rule on Privacy of Customers of Broadband Services, because I am committed to Americans having the right to protect and limit what companies can do with their browsing habits, application usage history, location data and sensitive personal and financial information.  Customer data should be protected against hackers and thieves and the FCC rule would have provided these protections but for the GOP passing S.J. Res. 34.

If President Trump signs this legislation, as his advisors have encouraged him to do, Internet service providers (ISP's) will be free to record customers’ online behavior and use their personal and financial information to sell highly targeted ads in the online advertising market or make the mined information available to third parties interested in the consumer data.

Republicans and President Trump might claim the FCC rule stifled innovation by unreasonably restricting ISP's, but I cannot and will not support consumers losing sensitive personal and financial information to Internet companies simply out to make a profit off consumers' data.  With limited choices for Internet service in most communities, consumers will now have to be increasingly careful regarding what personal and financial information they provide over the Internet. The FCC rule was intended to protect Americans who use the Internet.   S.J. Res 34 does just the opposite:  Republicans killed internet privacy.

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